SPIRITUALLY RAW TV “The Ass Whipping Truth”
Where Spirits Meet Skeptics and Consciousness Connects!
We explore and expose controversial truths, myths, theories, and religious dogma surrounding the spirit world. Special guests range from Psychic Mediums to Catholic priests and everyone in between. Be prepared for a cataclysmic collision of energies!
NO topic is TABOO!

About the Hosts:
AJAY MATTA: Born into Eastern philosophies and raised with western ideologies, provides the perfect appealing cocktail for blending both worlds. He is an extremely evolved soul, blessed with a witty personality that simply captivates the audience. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth entertainment and enlightenment.
APRIL MATTA: Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and charisma; she’s a sharp, witty Italian who calls it as she sees it. Her female perspective and enlightened sense of humor tie the duo together.