We are Jay & April Matta

Founders of SpirituallyRAW and Mission Rich Marketing. Authors of Secrets To Radio Riches, Secrets To Interview Riches, & Patreon Riches.

Short Back Story…
We are former financial professionals and owned a successful Property & Casualty and Life Insurance Agency and originated mortgages back in the glory days. In 2009 we sold the business, kissed our client files good-bye forever, and never looked back! 

Shortly after that, we got into the broadcasting world with ZERO experience and launched the highly controversial and entertaining show, SpirituallyRAW “The Ass Whipping Truth.” We interviewed over 1200 people in eighteen months, and then took a seven-year broadcasting hiatus, as we got super busy consulting helping others launch their media dreams.

Long story short, in late 2019, we jumped back into the broadcasting world and re-launched the show on Youtube. Now more than ever, with the censored mainstream media continually brainwashing the public with the constant state of fear and panic, we understand how emotions can run high and wild. 

We decided to put everything on the line, share what we know, and bring on experts to help Wake-Up the masses by exposing the Cabal’s satanic agenda and raising humanity’s vibration and global consciousness. We live in the most unbelievable times, and some say biblical, scary for many, and yet exhilarating for others. 

Together we are taking part in getting everyone acclimated to the Great Awakening process and the exciting new discoveries that lie ahead. 

The sad part is that many of us are being heavily censored, socially shamed, and outright banned for exposing the truth and piercing the veil. By becoming a viewer, you bring your powerful energy towards this global movement of other spiritual truth-seekers. If you’re resonating with our show, please let us know by hitting the LIKE button, Subscribing, Hit the Notification Bell, and Sharing the videos. We would also like to invite you to become a Patreon member and connect with others searching for the truth and receive members-only exclusive content, not found anywhere else.

Thank you and GOD Bless Patriots Worldwide!! 

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Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel

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