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Controversial Truths, Myths

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The Spirit World.

We are on a global movement to assist with the Ascension of the Planet. To help WAKE UP people by exposing the dark truths and controversial theories surrounding the Deep-State satanic agenda that enslaved humanity and guide you through this ‘Great Awakening’ transition from 3D to 5D consciousness into spiritual freedom, enlightenment, and global peace.

There’s a total transfiguration taking the place of your mind, body, and spirit. As the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of “a reality-based on illusion” and shifts into the fifth-dimensional consciousness, the light of truth, where your highest and best version of self resides. The GOD-GODDESS within. 

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Each week we bring you top-notch, entertaining, and enlightening content with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to getting to the facts. If it revolves around the fantastical, supernatural, unexplained, and flat out unimaginable…we want to know about it! We’re not bias one way or the other. Just inquisitive minds searching for answers like everyone else. 

Special guests range from experts and authorities in…

The Great Awakening, Qanon, Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, Cabal/Deep State, Conspiracy Theories, Cloning, End-Time Prophecies, Exorcism, Forbidden Knowledge, Kundalini, MK-Ultra, NESARA & GESARA, Psychic Phenomena, Political Current Events, Sacred Geometry, World Grid, Time Travel, Reincarnation, UFOs, World Religions, Occult, and more.

⚠️WARNING!⚠️ Content may be earth-shattering for first-timers. If you are open to expanding your consciousness –then SpirituallyRAW will become an addiction for you! 

SpirituallyRAW is broadcast on BBS Radio:

Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 4:00 – 5:00 pm EST

About The Hosts:

Jay Matta, the “Realist.” He’s a remarkably evolved soul blessed with a witty personality. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth a lot of laughs and insight.

April Matta, the “Controversial Theorist.” Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and charisma. She’s a sharp Italian who calls it as she sees it. Her female perspective and enlightened sense of humor tie the dynamic duo together.


“The Eye Only Sees What The Mind Is Prepared To Comprehend”

SpirituallyRAW intends to bridge the gap between believers and nonbelievers within an environment to share differences…and similarities.

We’ve interviewed over 1500 people from around the globe. We are not biassed one way or the other. We’re just inquisitive minds searching for answers like everyone else…

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April & Jay 


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