CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU WON! Ken Unger "America's Soul Doctor" On-Satanic Ritual Abuse & Evolution of the New World Order- Scheduled Appearance: Wednesday, April 27th.


The Ultimate Breakthrough

Far better than a paper psychiatrist. Laced with poignant anecdotes and touching stories it taps profound wisdom from our richest spiritual traditions: truly spiritual healing made simple.

Do you have unhealed wounds? What if you could heal deep hurts from your childhood, marriage, parents, siblings, school, work, religion and rejection?

Ken unger

Ken Unger didn’t set out to become America’s Soul Doctor. By the age of thirty he had been a pastor for five years and a husband for three and he was burning out on both. That’s when a spiritual retreat transformed his life forever. Experiential exercises, vulnerable authentic teachers and deep, intimate relationships transformed him in ways that prescription drugs, education and traditional counseling never could. 

When he got home, people asked him to offer similar retreats for friends and colleagues. He never imagined the powerful impact his retreats made on virtually everyone who attended. Now, almost 30 years later, he still offers life-changingRetreats to any who want to “transform their life in a weekend.” People who attend have likened them to a health spa for the soul. 

As a Spiritual Psychotherapist: Ken learned to heal the psychic pain that almost destroyed his own life, people sought him out for their own personal healing. This birthed his amazing healing process known as STEP Therapy, Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain. His new bookThe Ultimate Breakthrough explains this simple, gentle, yet powerful healing process. Instead of treating symptoms in endless months and years of emotional archeological digs it heals the primal pain that fuels most of our problems. 

Ken has used STEP Therapy in his work with pro athletes and  coaches, titans of industry and TV personalities, child molesters, prison inmates, addicts, sociopaths, psychotics, and satanic abuse victims and perpetrators. He’s helped people from all walks of life heal the pain that underlies their failures and out-of-control compulsive behaviors.


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I agree, Satanic Ritual Abuse is a completely made up fabricated thing.
SRA is pretty dated, I mean I realize there's an 80's revival going on now...but....

I agree with sin there are some wack jobs , like the educators to the movie "the hills have eyes, and satan's rejects... and stories ideals, like occult misguided people...


Satanism as i knew it in the 1980's, as i was invited in to study and join, though i didn't fully join, was about, ritual, sex arts, spiritual communication and control of ghostly forms and forces, and the stuff crowley tried to get away with... (it was also a club of rebels that felt that darker energies conform the lighter energies and the predator and prey ideal, though the only abuse that came from them was when a member was late to ritual, and it was hell to pay..j/k, really it was no different then any self equaled club, like the eagles, boyscouts, or the freemasonic now.. i feel that anton stole from the image of the oto/freemason rituals so he had a design to the little charm school he created as "satanism" in the first place.. as it was one of the duties of the initiated to study this work and apply it in their design...


but to each their own, but again no real abuse....perhaps drug induction, but i wasn't part of that...


I find for most parts these self help professionals, have only their career to create, not the interest of the patient they take under to "get to the healing and truth" so.. i don't have much faith in anything that puts themselves before the object they serve or are in service to...

I agree that he gave them the show and the hook, but now they have nothing but that to look back on, while trying to create a new utopia of reptile people from space..lol

goodluck... setians..lol








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